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Electric Heating Solutions

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Bucan designs and manufactures thermal components for diverse industrial applications that require custom made electrical heating products. Through expert engineering advice, and on-site design and manufacturing facilities, we provide prompt and effective solutions for the heating requirements of various industries. The hydro-electric; petro-chemical; foodservice; packaging; plastic processing and medical industries are some of the sectors that we serve.

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Bucan provides a full line of heaters as well as thermocouples, RTD’s and control panels.  Consult our website to choose from our immersion heaters; tubular heaters; flexible heaters; cartridge heaters; band heaters; strip heaters; coil heaters; cable heaters; drum heaters; enclosure heaters; duct heaters and circulation heaters. Or better still, contact us, and one of our engineers will help you find the heater that best fits your needs.

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Steam Superheater

A client with a steam system needed to stretch a plastic form over a steel frame and wanted to use an existing stem as the heat source. However, the process was near the end on a long stem line and the operating temperature required to warm the plastic enough to allow it to stretch was higher than the steam temperature. The solution was to use an Electric Steam Superheater; first to dry the steam and to raise its outlet temperature by superheating the saturated steam. Conditions:

* 25 psig, 85% steam

* Flow rate 60 lb/hr

* Desired outlet temperature 320°F

Using the steam tables the calculation result was 4600 watts, adding the normal 20% safety factor recommended for electric resistance heaters, the customer purchased a 5 kW, Steam Superheater.

The Steam Superheater included a steam outlet temperature thermocouple and a high limit thermocouple to feed temperature information to the supplied control panel. This system could respond quickly to the output needs and operate in a safe mode when the process cycle was in stand-by.

An extremely satisfied customer was the result.


December 3, 2013


On Saturday evening November 23rd 2013 the BUCAN family got together for another year-end celebration. Everyone was there with their families, children and friends. The president thanked all who make the Bucan success story possible, emphasizing the vision of the company which over and above making great products and satisfying customers is to ensure that everyone who works for and with BUCAN enjoys every single day that they come to work or do business with us!

The food was delicious, the music festive, and the atmosphere totally elated! There were gifts for the children and lotteries for the grown-ups; we enjoyed each others’ company and partied and danced well into the early hours of the morning!

For more pictures, see here:


October 30, 2013

Diesel Fuel Waste Recovery

A client collected spilled diesel fuel at a locomotive refueling station; the spilled fuel was being collected in an outdoor recovery pond. A surface skimmer collected the waste product for safe disposal. During cold weather the skimmer had difficulty picking up the oil and when the temperature was below freezing; any water that entered the pit froze, often causing the skimmer to freeze up.

The lined recovery pond had a simple shed built over it and the best solution was to keep the waste material warm. The heat loss calculation determined an 8 kW over-the-side immersion heater with a Hazardous Location (explosion proof) terminal enclosure would offer the best heating solution.


Come visit the BUCAN booth at CMTS, the CANADIAN MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY SHOW Sept. 30 - Oct. 3, 2013. BUCAN and its team of engineers will greet you in booth # 2327. Come see us for all your industrial process heating needs.


BUCAN is currently at the Estrie Industrial Trade Show which is held in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Come visit us at booth 305.


Recent tradeshows: BUCAN at MALARTICBUCAN at WMTS



Next, meet us at the The Estrie Industrial Show: 25-26 September, 2013: New Exhibition Centre: BUCAN booth # 305.



Our year-end party was held on Saturday Nov.24th, 2012. More pictures here

The big Bucan team was joined by family members and friends to celebrate another successful year. After an excellent dinner, we danced to the DJ's beats. The children danced and played before receiving their gifts. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful party spirits.

Congratulations to every member of the Bucan team for another outstanding year.

For more pictures, follow this link:


Bucan is pleased to announce that its electrical control panels have been CSA and CSA/US certified with the following description as per CSA:

Special industrial control assemblies, enclosed, 600 V ac max, 1 or 3-ph, 60 Hz, 400 A max input; outputs: 600 V max, 1 or 3-ph, 60 Hz, 400 A max (heating) or 400A/400 hp total max (125 hp max single motor starter); consisting of CSA Certified components such as enclosures, fuses, circuit breakers, motor starters, contactors, ac drives, programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), transformers, control relays, timers and auxiliary devices.

Full voltage and reduced voltage motor starter:  125hp max


BUCAN proudly sponsors juvenile sports teams, and especially those in which children of the big BUCAN family participate! One such promising young baseball player (Branden, front row, second from right) is one of only 12 players selected out of a group of 1000 to represent the City of Austin in an “All Star” tournament.

The team will play locally first, then city-wide, then state-wide and then the entire zone; all of the Southern States from New Mexico to Florida. They have already won 2 small tournaments, 1 qualifying tournament and are progressing to the city-wide tournament this weekend.

We will keep you posted on their upcoming successes.

The BUCAN team wishes the best of luck to Branden and all his teammates!



BUCAN’s participation at the recent SIAL expo was successful with a wide range of companies visiting our booth. With our technical applications expertise and broad product line of heaters, we were able to suggest innovative solutions to all our visitors’ heating needs.

Thanks to all who visited us and the BUCAN team is looking forward to servicing all your industrial process heating needs!



In order to showcase the thermal solutions we can provide for the food processing and food packaging industries, Bucan will exhibit at the next SIAL trade show to be held May 9, 10, and 11, 2012, at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal.

SIAL Canada is the Salon International de l’Alimentation (International Food Expo) which caters to North American food-industry professionals. The show is one of the industry’s most important meeting place for North America, hosting around 700 exhibitors and 13,000 visitors from over 60 countries.

See you in booth 1523!



We are very pleased to announce that the final testing for Hazardous Location (Hazloc) certification for Bucan heaters has been officially completed and approved by the CSA; the certification covers both the CSA and UL standards for Screw-Plug, Flanged, and Over-the-Side immersion heaters used in liquids and gases for up to 680°C operating temperatures. In addition to traditional marking, using the familiar Class and Group system, such as “Class 1, Group C &D”, Bucan also offers you the new Zone Marking; for example,  “Zone 1, Group IIB”. This will help you meet all North American customers’ marking requests as well as other jurisdictions accepting CSA International accreditation.

Screw-plug immersion heaters use the traditional terminal box design while the Flanged heaters include an innovative domed pipe-cap design. Flanged heaters offer higher kilowatt outputs and the durable domed cap provides you with the security and assurance that the heater terminal boxes can withstand any explosive pressures that may be encountered.

A new feature of the Flanged immersion heaters’ innovative terminal box design is its ability to function at high operating temperatures while requiring only a 90°C incoming power supply. A unique Bucan welding technique, combined with other proprietary features, eliminates the need for the more complex and labour intensive “stilted” terminal box: You benefit with great savings for both Hazloc and Moisture Resistant operation.

Adding the Hazloc approval helps you single-source your entire heater needs for every Industrial Process Heater application. Call us for whatever heating situation that arises.



Bucan is pleased to announce that silicone rubber flexible heaters as well as Kapton insulated flexible heaters that have chemically etched resistance circuits have been CSA certified and comply with the CSA requirements for the Canadian and U.S. markets.

Silicone rubber heaters that fall in this category are suitable for applications up to 200 degrees Celsius , can be as thin as 0.03”, and are highly flexible, rugged and maintain dimensional stability. These heaters are moisture and chemical resistant, can adhere to flat or curved surfaces, and can be factory vulcanized to metallic surfaces.

Kapton heaters are ultra thin (0.008”), and are certified up to 2000C. These heaters are durable, maintain dimensional stability, are ultra uniform in heat distribution and have a rapid heat-up and cool-down time because of their low mass and very low out-gassing: They are highly suitable for vacuum applications.



Happy Birthday Mari!

It’s Mari’s beautiful voice that greets you when you call Bucan to let you know if your heaters have shipped, or to direct your call to one of our customer service reps or engineers. And since it was her birthday on the 6th of February, we all joined in to wish her health and happiness.

Once again, Happy Birthday!


On-site manufacturing means we can meet our customers’ demands when critical. We received a phone call Friday the 27th of January at 3p.m. from one of our customers in Toronto that they needed two band heaters for Saturday the 28th! The machine was down and the heaters were crucial to restart production. So we took the order at 3pm., our engineer designed it right away, we rushed the design paper to the production floor, and the heaters were ready to ship at 4:30p.m.! We shipped overnight and the customer had the heaters Saturday morning. Now that’s the kind of service you can count on from Bucan!

And here’s the email we received from our satisfied customer:

Thank you, for all your help!!!

Have a great weekend!





Every product that we manufacture, be it cartridge, band or immersion heater that is shipped to our valued customers, is the fruit of labor of a dedicated team at Bucan. So it has become company tradition to thank our amazing team with a fun-filled party at the end of every year. Bucan employees, together with their families and children, were all present at this year’s party which was held on December 3rd. With more than 165 people present, the atmosphere was very warm indeed. The food was great; everyone enjoyed the open bar; and the DJ was able to keep everyone on the dance floor!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the party a success.

Have a wonderful year!

more pictures




Bucan's participation at the recent Canadian Manufacturing and Technology Show (CMTS)at the Direct Energy Centre was successful with a wide range of companies visiting our booth. The vast majority of our visitors had specific heating issues and were asking for advice on possible solutions. With Bucan’s technical applications expertise and broad product line of heaters, we were able to suggest innovative solutions for all their heating needs.

Thanks to all who visited us and the Bucan team is looking forward to meeting you at future trade shows.


We are pleased to announce that we have added Kapton flexible heaters to our wide range of industrial heating products.
Kapton heaters are ultra-thin, ultra-flexible, semi-transparent, and lightweight heaters, which can operate within temperatures as low as -3200 F and as high as 4000F. Kapton heaters have excellent tensile strength, durability and dimensional stability. These heaters produce uniform heat with rapid heat-up and cool-down characteristics. Kapton heaters can endure radiation and resist many chemicals.
Bucan manufactures Kapton heaters of made-to-measure dimensions, with or without cut-outs and with a wide choice of electrical terminations. Call or email us today for a quote.
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