Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic band heaters are medium-to-high temperature heaters that can deliver up to 1200°F. The nickel-chrome heating cores of these durable heaters are placed inside interlocking ceramic tiles that are assembled like a brick wall. A ceramic fiber insulating mat and a stainless steel jacket cover this assembly. This construction makes ceramic heaters flexible and highly energy efficient. An energized ceramic heater that operates at 1200°F internally will have around 400°F on its outside shell. Ceramic heaters consume 20% less energy than band heaters that are not insulated.

An additional advantage of Ceramic heaters is that they transfer heat through conduction and radiation. This makes their tightness on barrels less critical; thus they are less prone to thermal expansion problems.

Theoretically, there are no restrictions on the diameter that ceramic band heaters can attain; however, because these heaters utilize ceramic tiles that are available only in specific lengths, the width of these heaters falls within a certain incremental range of sizes.

Ceramic band heaters are available with different clamping mechanisms, terminations styles, holes and cut-outs.

Minimum diameter 2"
Minimum width 1"
Thickness with 1/4" insulation 5/8"
Standard gap 3/8"
Maximum watt density 45 watts/in²


Screw terminals covered with terminal box
Screw Terminals

G Style - Terminal box:

A practical way to protect screw terminals from damage and exposure.

B Style - Post terminals:

The most commonly used termination style. Recommended for high amperage applications

Stainless steel armored cable exiting straight
Stainless steel braid exiting straight

H Style - Straight armor cable:

Provides protection against abrasion and contamination

E Style - Stainless steel braid:

Highly flexible. Protects the lead wire from abrasion

European plug connected at 90 degrees
European plug straight exit

K90 Style - European connector:

Used when there is not enough clearance above a heater to use the K00 style European connector

K00 Style - European connector:

Ideal termination style when the power leads are frequently removed from the heater. An easy electrical connection when the heater fails.


Special Construction

Ceramic heaters can be combined with high velocity fans to form fast responding heat/cool units in accurate heating applications. These heaters are made with a perforated outside stainless steel sheath, and with no insulating jacket.

Flange lock-up:

The most economical clamping style for ceramic heaters, with #10-32 nuts and screws.

Latch & trunion:

Available on heaters that are 10” or bigger in diameter. This clamping style provides ease of installation and removal.

Barrel nuts:

Barrel nut fasteners with 1/4-20 socket head screws are standard on all ceramic heaters. This style can accommodate springs which compensate for thermal expansion.