Tubular Enclosure Heaters

Tubular enclosure heaters are ideal for enclosures that are exposed to very low temperatures and that contain electrical or electronic components that require freeze or condensation protection.

The heating source of tubular enclosure heaters is an Incoloy sheathed 0.315” or 0.430” diameter tubular element that is placed inside a stainless-steel perforated shroud which protects the heater and prevents potential burns.

Features of Enclosure Heaters

Overall Length Shroud length Width Height
9.375" 7.25" 3.5" 1.5"
Part Number Volts Watts
 TEN 1001 120V 100W
TEN 2501 120V 250W
TEN 2502 240V 250W
TEN 3751 120V 375W
TEN 3752 240V 375W
TEN 5002 240V 500W
tubular enclosure heaters